How to Self-publish Your Book on Amazon and Other Online Retailers

If you are new to self-publishing, here’s a brief overview on how to publish your ebook on all the major online retailers, as well as your paperback on Amazon.

Sell Your Book on Amazon (it’s free!)

amazon-logoTo sell paperbacks, you will need to create a account. Their guided process is easy to follow—even for newbies. All you need are the PDFs of your cover and interior pages. CreateSpace provides a free ISBN, which is required. You can choose from many distribution channels, such as libraries, online retailers and bookstores.

For Kindle eBooks, you will need to create an account on KDP ( Again, this process is very easy to follow with their step-by-step instructions. KDP will assign a free ASIN number for you. Distribution for Kindle eBooks is limited to Amazon’s website.

As long as your title and author name are exactly the same, your ebook and paperback will sync and display together (and if they don’t, you can contact KDP services).

FYI: We recommend that you sell your paperback through CreateSpace rather than KDP, because you will receive higher commissions.

Selling Your eBook on Other Online Retailers

Smashwords is an eBook aggregator that distributes to online retailers, such as Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Baker & Taylor’s, and many others, as well as libraries. It’s easy to upload your ebook on Smashword’s website. They offer generous commissions. And they allow preorders up to 12 months in advance. The only disadvantage to offering your eBook on Smashwords (or on your own blog or website) is that you cannot participate in Amazon’s KDP Select program that allows you to run price promotions and earn royalties from the KDP Global Fund (subscription library). However, many authors feel their books need to be available in all markets, not just on Amazon. This is a decision you will have to make.


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